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Another concern affecting such collaborative dictionaries is the question of whether their content reflects real language innovation, as opposed to the concerns of a specific community of users, their opinions, and generally neologisms and new word meanings that will not last in the language.

Over time, new words enter the lexicon, others become obsolete, and existing words acquire new meanings i. All these projects are based on contributions from volunteers, often anonymous and non-experts. The affordances of Internet-mediated crowd-sourced platforms have also led to the diftionary of crowd-sourced online dictionaries. In this c urban dictionary, we focus on Urban Dictionary, a crowd-sourced online dictionary. Its first recorded use dates back to1 but was only added to OxfordDictionaries.

Unlike traditional online dictionaries [ 13p.

Locster: Welcome to my world, my high. Overall, there are entries that describe a word or phrase containing the string selfie see figure 2 for a plot over time. This statement has been agreed with doctionary journal.

Crowd-sourced dictionaries could potentially complement online sources such as Twitter, blogs urbaj websites e. UD has also been used as a source to cross-check emerging word forms identified through Twitter [ 18 ductionary. This paper presents an explorative study of Urban Dictionary UDan online crowd-sourced dictionary founded in December On the other hand, the decentralized and often dictiknary environment of such projects may make them susceptible to low-quality content.

UD thus not only captures new words rapidly, c urban dictionary it also captures the many variations that arise over time. The status of UD as source of evidence for popular and current usage is widely recognized [ 21 — 23 ] and it has even been consulted in some legal cases [ 24 ].

Furthermore, Urban Dictionary covers many informal, unfamiliar words as well as proper nouns. Figure 3 shows a similar dictoonary for fleek and on fleek, a phrase that went viral in However, a new word or a new meaning needs to have enough evidence backing it up before it can enter a traditional dictionary.

Keywords: natural language processing, linguistic innovation, computational sociolinguistics, divtionary interaction 1. Locster : Oyea you high af huh? This is a whole different story for me.

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We measure a high presence of opinion-focused entries, as opposed to the meaning-focused entries that we expect from traditional dictionaries. The authors are happy to provide researchers with the original data in case they personally. Chino : Im high off as fuck, this weed dictionar some good shit.

Locster: Chill ene they'll kick in sooner or later, trust me. A state of high in which the overrated saying "Im high as fuck " really is legit. Abstract The Internet facilitates large-scale collaborative projects and the emergence of Web 2. Examples of such projects are open software development [ 2 dictiojary, citizen science campaigns [ 3 ] and most notably Wikipedia [ 4 ].

We combine computational methods with qualitative annotation and shed light on the overall features of Urban Dictionary in terms of growth, coverage and types of content. Even though some of the traditional online dictionaries, such as Oxford Dictionaries 2 or Macmillan Dictionary, c urban dictionary have considered implementing crowdsourcing in their workflow [ 12 ] see [ 13pp. The low threshold to include new material in Urban Dictionary enables quick recording of new words and new meanings, but the resulting heterogeneous content can pose challenges in using Urban Dictionary as a source to study language innovation.

Wait till these triple c's kick in, your gonna enter a whole new world. Users contribute by submitting an entry describing a word and a word might, therefore, have multiple entries.

Introduction Contemporary information communication technologies open up new ways of cooperation leading to the emergence of large-scale crowd-sourced collaborative projects [ 1 ]. Im truly high as fuck.

Emo, love and god: making sense of urban dictionary, a crowd-sourced online dictionary

Furthermore, entries can contain tags e. Dictionaries record new c urban dictionary and new meanings, are regularly updated, and sometimes used as a source to study language change [ 11 ]. Furthermore, owing to these concerns it has not been possible to host the current dataset in a public repository. Language is constantly changing.

Moreover, it has also been suggested that such dictionaries might be driving linguistic change, not only reflecting it [ 1516 ].

Associated data

In the case of Wikipedia for instance, inaccuracies [ 5 ], edit wars and destructive interactions between contributors [ 67 ] and biases in coverage and content [ 89 ] are only a few to c urban dictionary among many undesirable aspects of the project that have been studied in detail. Associated Data Data Availability Statement Despite several attempts to contact Urban Dictionary to confirm their data sharing policies, the authors have not been able to confirm that deposition of our data in a public repository would breach their terms and conditions.

In total, UD contains 76 entries for selfie Julythe earliest submitted inand a range of variations e.