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Techniques and how to begin Before beginning to drip, have the submissive lie down on a plastic sheet or damp cloth to avoid ruining bed sheets and creating a mess. I also tend to avoid scented wax, just because the more additives in the wax, the more variables for temperature variation. Related Story 26 Sex Fantasies To Try With Your Partner Wax play remember, if your experience didn't go well the first time perhaps you spilled wax on your awx throw pillow, burned yourself, or found it kinda awkwarddon't write it off for good.

Polyamory, sex education, bdsm and a sprinkle of fun

The removal of wax can be difficultespecially from hair. If you think you might like it under smoother circumstances, it's worth another try. The last thing you want to do is get wax in their hair wax play light their hair on fire.

A hair tie if your bottom has long hair. A wet towel or a fire extinguisher. Any interesting experiences?

Keep vigilant and always communicate. Rotate the candle so it burns evenly and the wax stays clean.

12 things you should know before trying wax play

Put down a plastic sheet or use puppy p, per Smith. Optional: Some people waz to put massage oil on before a wax scene. As a top, I usually drip wax on my arm first to test the temperature.

You can be gentle or rough doing this, which obviously will change the intensity of the scene. Obviously this method requires more equipment and more wax.

Obviously some body parts will be more sensitive than others. Advertisement First you want to pick the candles.

Dripping with care - learn about bdsm wax play

The melting point eax wax can be lowered by adding mineral oil. Some other ways to play with sensation are to add a blindfold, or light restraint to the experience. I also use a knife to take of the wax, but knife play is another wax play entirely. Some people can tolerate having wax on their nipples and some absolutely cannot. The glass will heat up and can burn you, or even worse, shatter.

I eax move closer after watching their reactions.

I wanted to share this information somewhere a little more digestible and easy to find than just various forums on Wax play not knocking the groups on FL, they are also great resources. Backs, chests, and legs are the best places to start off with. Wax play is sensation play. Hot wax should never go near the awx — it can blind.

That's not the goal here. Temperatures listed above only apply when wax is in equilibrium. Massage candles burn at a super low temperature and cause no pain at all. Once the wax has cooled, play wax play the hardened wax too.

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As for your bodies, wipe yourself or each other! You light the wick then when the candles starts to melt, drip the oils waz on to the skin checking first they are not too hot. Aside from this information, I also encourage anyone to read as many articles as they can, and perhaps even attend a class if there are any available in your area. If you are playing at a bdsm club if your club allows wax play they usually require you to notify the DM dungeon monitor wax play your scene has to do with fire, and they will provide you with an extinguisher.

Always have a safe word during any BDSM play.

wax play What is wax play like, why would you want to do it? You should remember that if a candle is brightly coloured it will often burn hotter, due to added ingredients that change the temperature wsx the melted wax. From here, you can begin to experiment with shapes, patterns, brushing, rubbing and layering. Not okay. The safest to use is soy, which melts around 46C and cools quickly on contact with the skin.

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You need some preparation, organisation and you should be sober. Now what's that about keeping it safe?

Wax is safe on a dax majority of the body. Advertisement Advertisement What if something goes wrong? I remember when I first got involved in the social scene and realized that there was SO much information to learn.

And that’s nice?

Some body parts are better than others for wax. Well, at least not until you clear the room of flammable materials alcohol and wax play and have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby that you can use to put a fire out. That, plzy wet towels or fire extinguisher.

Anytime there is fire, even a single candle, there should always be a container of water just in case the worst happens. You risk burning your partner if you use the wrong kind.